​The Girl That May Never Be Mine

I met her 3 years ago in university. It wasn’t love at first sight or anything. She was a friend of a friend and somewhere there we became friends. Really good friends. Best friends. If you ask me when I fell for her, I really couldn’t give you an answer because I really don’t know. It just happened without me even realizing it was happening. I just woke up one day with her deeply embedded in my heart. 

I love everything about her. She has a really cute nose and sometimes I just want to bite it off. When I look into her eyes I see a thirst for adventure and a yearning for love. When she walks into a room she turns heads. Her beauty never goes unnoticed. I love it when her hair is open and messy. She looks so much prettier to me. She can put any outfit on and she’ll still look better than any girl I’ve seen. She’s thug on the outside and a little gay on the inside. She doesn’t smile very often but that’s okay because when she does smile she sparkles and I can’t look away and when she laughs it makes the world seem more colorful. When I’m annoying her and she has the ‘I can’t deal with you’ face on I just want to hold her so tight that she doesn’t wanna let go. When she curses I still hear melody. All her flaws make me believe she exists. That she isn’t this goddess of beauty that only lives in my dreams. I can touch her. She’s real. 

It’s hard falling for your best friend. You know everything about them and they know everything about you. She tells me everything. Her hookups, her crushes, her embarrassments, her sadness, her joys. Who she hates. Why she does the things that’s she do. I know it all. I even know her menstrual cycle! When she speaks I swing between hope and despair. 

When she gets excited, she’s a flourish of life unlike I’ve ever seen before. She gets under my skin. She drives me crazy. Her thoughts keep me up at night. Who does she think she is? Doing this to me. 

I don’t even know what I’m holding on to. Or even if it’s worth it. 

I am not afraid of confessing my love to her. What I am afraid of is if we do fall in love and what if we can’t make it last. What if I lose her? 

Any words of wisdom from the wise one? Yes, I mean you. 


2 thoughts on “​The Girl That May Never Be Mine

  1. Loved reading this and i totaly get your dilema its easy to confess your feelungs but the real scary though is what if it ruins your friendship or like you stated above it goes wrong and you then ruin somethung that was so good. I personally belive its a risk you have to take you dint know what will come of it and negative thoughts cant take over. What if it all goes right ?what if you live happily ever after? Point is go for what you want think abiut what could go right not what could go wrong. Good luck with all. Check my post out when you get the chance


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