Straight Outta High School

​Another school year has ended and I’ve been seeing all these high school graduation posts and it reminded me of my high school days. I left high school 3 years ago. 

I don’t know how to classify the memories of high school. I hated it but at the same time it was some of the best years of my life.

The constant judgment. The pressure from teachers and parents. Stressed out for the future. This strange desire to be better than anyone else. There were rules for literally everything. But then there were times of absolute joy whenever I was with my friends. The crazy, foolish things we did. The gossips. Getting into trouble together. The heartbreaks, the makeups, the laughter 

Some days were spent in suffocation but other days were liberating. 

I think high school really hits you when it’s your final year. When you’ve been doing something for five years it kind of becomes a habit and then suddenly it’s gone. The feelings on the last day are kind of nebulous. No matter how much you hated high school the final day will just make you want to stay longer.

 But once you step out of the gates, it’s a whole different world. A world that’s your not prepared for and you never will be. Sure everyday is a challenge but it isn’t so bad if you see it as an adventure. 


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