You Gotta Scream

All throughout my life I was a quiet child. I didn’t talk much, neither did I interact with anyone much. I was usually just to myself. I spent my primary school and high school days like that.

And you know what it got me? NOTHING!! I was unheard. People just walked over me. And my life was boring.

But when I entered university, I didn’t want to be that person. I told myself that I have to change. It took time. In university, I didn’t know anybody and it was hard but I still pushed myself and talked to people. Every day, I’d wake up and tell myself “Speak up or fade away.” I would shout answers in class, yell from across the street, I would laugh so loudly, I would make stupid puns, tell bad jokes, and throw shade at the class while doing a presentation. Many of my attempts were lame and pathetic but I still kept trying and it was working. People knew me. They would invite me to parties, movies, and lunches. I wasn’t blending into the crowd anymore. I was starting to stand out.

I’m still trying every day. It was really hard in the beginning but as the days passed it got easier.

Fear is what kept me going- fear of going unnoticed, fear of being a nobody, fear of being forgotten.

A word of advice: if you want to be heard, stop speaking in whispers and SCREAM!


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