Being You 

One of the things about growing up which I love is the freedom. For me going away to college was the best thing that happened to me (and its still happening to me).Being away from your parents is really really amazing. Don’t get me wrong I love my family but there comes a time when you have to discover things on your own. Make your own mistakes. Be your own boss. Stand on your own two feet. Make your own path. Feel what it likes to be independent. And lemme tell you IT FEELS FRICKING AWESOME. 

I mean sure college is tough. People are mean. You’re always broke. You can never get enough sleep. And your personal and social life needs a lot of work. But you can deal with all of those things and quite elegantly as well. Trust me you will. 

You’ll meet new and interesting people. This group of misfits and weirdos and assholes and other worldly who will drive you crazy. Who you’ll hate and love and feel so many other feelings. Who will push you. Who will pick you up when you fall. Who will laugh with you. Who will cry with you. Who will hate that same piece of shit you hate. Simply put- FRIENDS. 

You will go through so much. Discover new feelings, experience first hand what humans are capable of, have regrets, explore a different side to you, experiment with drugs and alcohol, guys and girls. Sometimes you will be lying face down on the ground, other times you’ll be standing higher than anyone else. 

There will be days when you’re broken, when you think you aren’t good enough and that’s when your next step really counts. For you see, we all have the ability to do great things but only a few choose to. At the end of the day all we can do is have hope and keep trying. That’s what I’m doing at least. 

Autonomy can mean different things to different people but for me it simply means being free to be yourself- all your regrets, achievements, mistakes, flaws and whatever else that makes you you.


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