In A Perfect World

In a perfect world:

Love would be enough.

We could be ourselves without hesitation and facing judgment.

No one would ever feel alone.

Eyes would show love and compassion.

Inside beauty would actually mean something.

Deaths of anyone wouldn’t go down in vain.

Words wouldn’t feel like being stabbed.

Money won’t matter.

Sympathy wouldn’t feel like pity.

You would never disappoint yourself.

You would be the best friend anyone could ask for.

There would be no cruel step mom, wicked witches or bad wolf. Just the Prince and Princess and all the happily ever after endings.

You could please everyone. You’d be the perfect child, perfect lover, perfect parent, perfect eater, perfect employee, perfect brother/sister.

Useless emotions are never felt.

But perfection is an illusion. 

Love does not solve all the worlds problems.

We hesitate to open up because of the fear of being judged.

Loneliness has become a habit.

Eyes first judge. They give us a cold stare.

Outer aesthetics almost always matters.

When death occurs, grief is felt for a few weeks or months, silence is observed just for a minute or a day is named after them. After a while, all they did, what they stood for, is all forgotten.

You never know how powerful words can be until it is spoken and it feels like being skinned alive.

Sadly, money does make the world go round.

People feel more sympathetic than empathetic.

We constantly disappoint ourselves because we care too much of what others think of us.

We are always there for others, but when we are in need of support and comfort no one stands by us.

This a modern fairy tale. Evil exists. Cruel step moms, wicked witches and big bad wolves are real. Happy endings are rarely achieved.

We constantly disappoint. Mainly, because we see the normally accepted ways as the right ways!

Useless emotions are almost always felt. We feel pain, sadness and hurt more than we feel happiness, joy and love.

Perfection is a nonsensical idea. 

Life is all about realities, you will never gain something if you have never felt pain. Because if we were perfect, we’d be so boring. And we’d have no dreams or goals because in our minds, we’d already be there.

If you can dream up a perfect world, what sort of world would you create?

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