Its The Rule

I have this really big problem. It shouldn’t be a problem but I don’t why it is! I’m friends with this girl, let’s call her Kate. Kate and I are really good friends. We know almost everything about each other. Sometimes we act like we’re dating- that’s what we’ve been told. We both love each … More Its The Rule

Grandest Grandma

Today is the ten year death anniversary of my grandma. My grandma, just like maybe yours, was an amazing woman. I loved her more than anyone. Even more than my parents. She was filled with so much love. She always took my side no matter what.   I still vividly remember the day she passed … More Grandest Grandma

You Gotta Scream

All throughout my life I was a quiet child. I didn’t talk much, neither did I interact with anyone much. I was usually just to myself. I spent my primary school and high school days like that. And you know what it got me? NOTHING!! I was unheard. People just walked over me. And my … More You Gotta Scream

He’s A Friend

I like the quietness of the night. I like being alone in the darkness of the night. But I don’t feel lonely. I have my thoughts. I’m in a completely different place. No one has any expectations of me. When I make a mistake, it’s okay. I feel I matter. I’m unsure of my future but … More He’s A Friend